Finding your cup of tea

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Find your taste, find your style, sit with us and browse for awhile.

Tea Time Dress - Lux

Design with Ease

Do you have an itch to stand out, to be different? To lead the way of modern style? Burning Bridges has never felt so good.

Everyone has a vision of their ideal self, what does yours look like? Is it business savvy with a touch of sexy? Comfy and cozy with some spice underneath? Whatever it is, find your cup of tea (or shot of whiskey, whatever floats your boat) with us.

Find your look

Our newest LUX collection is hand selected by our founder to stay ahead of the times and offer fashion forward pieces at a price we can all afford.

"Fashion is not reserved for the wealthy. It is a god given right all walking masterpieces should share a piece of."

- B.W Founder of BBB

Update your wardrobe for the NEW YEAR.

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